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Wall-Mounted Hanging Trash Can Installable Indoor Compost Bucket Cupboard/Bathroom/Bedroom/Office /Kitchen

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Material: Plastic
Color: White/Grey
Capacity: 7L
Weight: 1kg
Dimension: LxWxH: 26*16*23.5cm

1. With a lid, it is tightly sealed and you can reduce unpleasant odors! There are two ways to open the lid. You can open it by sliding or opening it according to your usage habits. Ideal for kitchen and living room. You can spend comfortably without smelling even in the summer.
2. It can be set by hooking it on the kitchen door without taking up space on the counter. Pieces of vegetables that come out during cooking can be pushed out into the trash can in front of you with a kitchen knife and thrown away quickly to keep the area around the sink clean, making cooking easier.
3. There are two types of hanging methods for the trash can: sticking and U-shaped slot. You can also place it directly on the ground. Lightweight and suitable for most cabinet doors, kitchen doors and cabinets.
4. With a simple appearance and a large opening design, the large diameter trash can prevents trash from falling during use and keeps it clean in the kitchen.
5. With a hook-type design that is convenient to remove, you can move the trash can freely at any time at your request.

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