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Toilet Bowl Cleaner UV Light Sanitizer Kitchen Trash Can Cleaner

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Material: ABS
Weight: 100g
Color: White, Black
Battery capacity: 1200mAh

1. Can you tell how clean is your toilet bowl or indoor trash can? – Regardless how shining your toilet bowl or trash can looks after you pour tons of chemical and scrub your arms off, there are nasty and harmful residue you cannot see with your eyes, this device uses ultraviolet light to clean and sanitize those invisibles to add additional defense and enhancement to your home environment.
2. Cannot find gifting ideas? – It is the time of the year scratching your head looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones. This innovative UV light sanitizer will sure make your gift standing out of the pile and be memorized. Who does not want a cleaning gadget without doing any work? Just press the button. Buy one for yourself and spread your love to your loved ones.
3. Please read before purchase to enjoy the device - Once you press the ON button, the UV light bulb must face down to turn on the UV light, this is a very important safety feature to prevent UV light exposure to your eyes. So, if the lid is not closed, the UV light will not turn on, it will turn on automatically after the lid is closed.
4. 5-minute auto standby mode - You don't need to press ON button for each use. After the light turns on, it will automatically shut off after 5 minutes, the UV light will NOT stay on all the time.
5. If the angle is less than 45°, sterilization will be performed automatically, and if the angle is greater than 45°, the sterilization will be stopped.

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