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Toilet Bowl Brush Set, Wall Mounted Toilet Cleaner Brush for Bathroom

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Material: PP+TRP
Weight: 570g
Size: 22*11*16.5 cm

1. Contains 3 types of brushes. A long-handled toilet brush is used to clean the inside of the toilet. The flat brush head can be bent at different angles to deeply clean every corner and unevenness of the toilet. The small brush can clean toilet surfaces, walls and bathroom floors.
2. The extended non-slip handle, made of PP plastic, is comfortable to hold and not easy to slip. The bristles are made of soft TPR and won't scratch the toilet wall.
3. The base is detachable and can be wall mounted. Suspended in the air, ventilated, drains quickly, and keeps your toilet brush dry. It will not accumulate sewage and prevent the generation of odors.
4. The larger bristles are not easy to entangle the hair and other dirt, just rinse the brush head to remove the hair.
5. The toilet brush can stand firmly on the ground, or stick to the wall. The compact and stylish concealed toilet brush is perfect for any tight space.

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