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The Pink Cute Elk Santa Claus Ornament Creative Furniture Desktop Ornament

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Material: Fabric

Type:Retractable - male / Retractable - female / Retractable - snowman / Retractable - old man / Retractable - moose




1. All the items in the set are essential for Christmas decorations and are of a very high quality. This decoration is made of cloth material and is half mechanical and half hand finished. It is a Christmas handicraft and 100% safe.

2. The legs of the Christmas gnome are adjustable and retractable and he can extend completely from 15 inches to 29 inches. Easy to store when not in use.

3. The pink Santa is very cute. It is very suitable for Christmas decorations. It can be placed next to Christmas trees and fireplaces to add to the festive atmosphere and your children will really enjoy them.

4. Suggestion: This decoration can be placed in your bedroom, kitchen, classroom or office and it will make your Christmas party unique and memorable, making it special for children and adults alike!

5. Gifts. It is perfect for Christmas goodies and gifts. Also, add some mysterious charm to your festive decorations with Christmas decorations.

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