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Shower Case Shower Phone Holder Waterproof 360° Rotation Bathroom Case for Phone Anti Fog Touch Screen Compatible with Mobile Phones Under 7 inches

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Mounting Type: Wall Mount
Material: ABS
Weight: 200g
Color: White, Black, Blue
Dimension: 7.56*4.57*1.1inches

1. [Reasonable design] Multi-angle adjustment, can prevent the door from accidentally opening and falling; 360° rotatable, 5mm sponge support, soft protection
2. [Punch-free design] The wall-mounted shower phone bracket is self-adhesive design, easy to install, no punching. Just tear off the backing paper and paste it on a clean and smooth surface; it is not easy to fall off and has silicone sealing properties
3. [High-definition anti-fog screen] Our mobile phone holder has a 0.23mm touch screen, which can be touched sensitively in the shower; in addition, it also has an anti-fog function and is clear enough to watch programs in the bathroom
4. [Waterproof protection] This shower phone holder is a sealed shell. The phone has a reliable sealing protection in the shower, and the original sound can be heard dynamically. Our bathroom phone holder can meet your needs for using your mobile phone in the bath

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