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Rotatable Handheld Portable Mini Steam Iron Foldable Travel Garment Steamer

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Material: PET+PP
Weight: 1000g
Size: 8.7*11.5*28.7cm

1. The traditional ironing machine uses high temperature ironing, which is easy to cause dull color and fiber wear. This micro-particle nano-steam ironer can easily penetrate clothes and keep them soft and new.
2. Use strong steam to quickly iron clothes. Quick steam in 45 seconds. 160°C to prevent overheating, damage to clothing, and protect clothing fibers.
3. The ceramic panel resonates with the fibers in the clothes to accelerate evaporation. With the enlarged panel, it can achieve fast ironing. The panel is smooth and effectively prevents the clothes from being scratched.
4. The handle is round and comfortable to hold. 165° foldable handle, the handle and the body are proportional, changing the gravity point, whether it is pushing, or lifting, long-lasting ironing is effortless.
5. The sharp corner design on the top is mainly aimed at small folds, such as collars, buttons, pockets and other small parts.

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