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Portable Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner for Cleaning Jewelry Eyeglasses Watches Shaver Heads 42kHz

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Material: 304 stainless steel+ABS
Weight: 1000g
Size: 6*10*20.2cm

1. Deep Cleaning - Powerful cleaning with just water. 42kHz powerful ultrasonic vibration breaks stubborn dirt into small particles and removes it.
2. Oval shape, line process, effectively expand the capacity, and can clean more items at one time.
3.304 stainless steel inner tank, anti-corrosion. The ABS plastic shell does not contain dangerous substances such as heavy metals, making it safer and more secure to use.
4. The oil stains on the lenses are difficult to wipe off with the glasses cloth. Just put the glasses in the machine, add water and cleaning solution (or dish soap). After 3 minutes, the glasses are as clean as new.
5. Glasses, rings, necklaces, earrings, metal tableware, razors, dentures, makeup brushes and other daily necessities can be easily cleaned with it.

6.It is better to add detergent to the water when cleaning

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WOW! Clean Machine

My jeweler wouldn't clean my ring during the pandemic, so I ordered this ultrasonic cleaner and cleaning solution and I absolutely love it. It was neat to see how the dirt came off of it. I also cleaned my glasses and gosh, they were so dirty. So far, it's been worth the money

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