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Portable Power Cleaner 200W High Pressure Cordless Washer Gun with Adjustable Nozzle, Suitable for Washing Cars/Flowers/Floors (CAR125)

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Material: ABS+electronic components
Weight: 4000g

1. The portable cordless pressure washer is adopted with a 200W motor, which can provide max 30 bar working pressure.
2. The maximum launch distance reach 22ft, which is much higher than the general portable battery power washer. ​Allowing you to easily and quickly clean all outdoor spaces and equipment, and wash cars/ fences/porches/gardens/flowers/floors and windows.
3. The car wash pressure washer is equipped with adjustable nozzles, which can be applied to different scenarios. It's not just for car washing, you can flexibly choose different nozzles in the face of different situations.
4. The high pressure washer gun powered by battery does not need a plug and a power cable. Easy to install, cordless, lightweight, and compact. Just need is a bucket, and you can do whatever clean you are want to do with 1 bucket of water.
5. The hose is equipped a filter device, so our car pressure cleaner can effectively filter impurities and prevent impurities from contaminating the things you want to clean, like your expensive car paint. This can also protect the pump and make it have a longer lifetime.

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