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Portable Clothes DryerFoldable Apartment Clothes DryerHanger Dryer

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Material: ABS
Weight: 900g
Size: 5*5*27cm

1. There are hooks on the top of the dryer, which can be hung to save space. Small size, foldable and easy to carry. Suitable for apartments, RVs, travel, business trips.
2. The dryer is made of high-strength nylon cloth. Using the principle of hot air circulation drying, the temperature rises rapidly. The clothes will not wrinkle or deform after drying.
3. The interior of the dryer is spacious and can hold multiple clothes at a time. When not in use, folded for storage, it can be stored anywhere.
4. Using the latest technology, it has the characteristics of safety, power saving, quick drying and low noise. Button-type design, simple operation, convenient for the elderly to use.
5. You can also choose to use it with a drying quilt/shoe tube. Effectively remove 97.7% of bacteria on the quilt and remove mites at high temperature. Dry washed shoes, clean and odor-free, inhibit the growth of bacteria.

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