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Pack of 8, Toothbrush in Front, Tongue Scraper in Back 2 in 1 Extra Soft Toothbrush

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Color: Multicolor, Gray.
Weight: 135g

1. 【2 in 1】Consists of toothbrush and tongue scraper, keep teeth clean and tongue hygiene
2. 【Front-end soft brush】The front-end toothbrush is composed of soft bristles, which will not hurt the teeth.
3. 【Back-end tongue scraper】can effectively clean the residue on the tongue and keep the tongue fresh.
4. 【Easy to use】After brushing your teeth, you can use it to clean your tongue by turning it over directly, so you don't have to worry about finding it.
5. 【Included】You will receive 8 pieces of 2 in 1 toothbrush in 1 drum storage box

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