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Multifunctional Rotating Rack Free Punching Rotating Storage Rack Storage Rack Seasoning Tank Storage Rack

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1. High-quality material :High-quality plastic - lightweight and eco-friendly. Swivel spice rack and shelves make the most of vertical space for maximum tidy. Before buying, please carefully confirm the cabinet and the size of the bottle you want to fill.

2. Large capacity storage rack: suitable for storing condiments, spices, jars, kitchen or household items, and also perfect for cosmetics, medicine boxes, soaps, shampoos, etc.

3. Expandable Organizer: The organizer has two sides that can be pulled out, and both can be rotated 90° for a complete overview - better than any spice turntable.

4. Multifunctional Pull-Out Kitchen Shelf: Organize your herbs, spices and various bottles and cans in the kitchen, but you can also use it in the bathroom as makeup storage!

5. No need to drill holes or use screws: put in the spice pan and fill it up. Then simply lift the handle, pull it out and turn it for easy, instant access to your organized items.

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