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Multi-functional Car Trash Can Storage Box Car Interior Accessories Solve the Clutter

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Material: ABS+Leather

Color:Black/Beige/Brown/Roughout Suede Grey/Roughout Suede Red

Weight: 500 g

Size: 22×10×17 cm


1. Durable and leak-proof material. This car waste bin is made from high quality ABS plastic, making it durable enough for long term use. In addition, this leather waterproof material also makes this product easy to clean.

2. Multi-functional organiser: This product can also be used as a practical storage can to help organise the vehicle's interior space efficiently. This product is particularly suitable for small items such as coins, receipts and keys, and for holding water glasses.

3. Space efficient: the mini size of the car bin helps to make good use of the free space in the car. The clips on the back of the bin make this car gadget ideal for use on doors, seat backs and door cupholders.

4. Removable design. Car waste bin has a large capacity, enough to keep waste while driving. This car bin has a small bucket inside which can be taken out to specifically prevent rubbish and is also easy to empty into the bin, thus increasing the capacity for use.

5. Hole design for paper drawers. This makes it easier and more convenient to get paper in the car, while the vertical design guarantees the stability of the water cup and is not easy to topple over.

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