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Moyu Mini Portable Washing Machine Dryer foldable Camping Washer and Spin Dryer-Super Energy for Underwear and Children's Clothes

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Brand: MOYU
Color: Pink/Grey White
Material: BPA free plastic, Edible grade silicone
Washing Capacity: 1.8lb / 0.8kg(about 1 jeans,1 set baby wear,2/3 t-shirt,6 underwear or 8 sock)
Dimension: 292*292*288mm
Installation: Free Standing Type

1. Small size, foldable, easy to carry and place, suitable for singles, families, student dormitories or self-driving enthusiasts, RVs, baby clothes, underwear washing machines, etc.
2. The motor speed has been greatly increased, making laundry cleaner. The newly added UV function can make your clothes healthier and hygienic, especially to clean your personal clothes safer.
3. Total power: 40W. Washer timer for 10 min and power consumption 0.005 degrees. Low noise/Lightweight
4. Simple operation which macke your clothes super clean without residue and irritants
5. The washer machine has a powerful suction cup in bottom,no need to worry about shaking
6. The mini washer is designed for delicate and small things which can't wash sweaters and large clothes.The drain basket shakes off the excess water and keeps the clothes damp without dripping water,which can't completely dry the clothes.
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