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Monkey Head Baby Teether Three Colours Available Pack of Two Teething Toys for Newborns Mother and Baby

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Size: 22 * 20 * 20cm


1. High quality abrasion resistant material. Food grade silicone, safe and non-irritating, maintains baby's oral health.

2. Meets your child's 3M+ chewing needs: from 3M+ onwards, baby's mouth structure starts to prepare for teething and parents should give their baby teething toys that are long enough to reach the front and back gums. This item is designed for 3M+ teething pain relief and gum massage.

3. Easy to grip: The hollow body has a stem for little hands to grip. The nipple is on either side so that when baby holds it, it can be easily positioned into the mouth, a perfect alternative to finger sucking and chewing.

4. Easy to clean: made from BPA-free food-grade silicone, it can be sterilised in hot water and steam sterilisers. Simply put it under running water and rinse off after each use.

5. Slips on and never falls off: worn on baby's wrist, baby's hand remains free and is more comfortable than a glove.

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