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Handheld Wireless Vaccum and Mop Cleaner Cleaner 2-in-1 Lightweight Combination Tool

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Material: ABS
Weight: 1600g
Size: 21*18*115.5cm

1. Adopt a new type of motor to improve suction and endurance at the same time. 2500mAh concentrated lithium battery, can work continuously for 45 minutes. No matter how big the house is.
2. 200ml large-capacity water tank, with composite fiber cleaning mop. When in use, the water from the water tank will penetrate evenly onto the mop, easily removing floor dirt.
3. Vertical air duct design, suction directly to the ground, reducing loss. Suck the dust from the ground, every corner is clean.
4. The Type-C charging cable can be charged with only one power bank, and the venue is not limited. You can also connect to a computer, car charging port, etc. to meet your charging needs.
5. You will get - vacuum cleaner main unit, tube, floor brush, water tank, mop, flat mouth vacuum cleaner, Type-C charging cable, main unit silicone shelf. Vacuum degree - standard file is 8000Pa, high-end is 12000Pa. Noise - ≤78dB.

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