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Glass Oil Bottle Silicone Brush With Dropper Measuring Distributor 2 in 1 for BBQ

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Brand: WENDY
Material: Glass+PP+Silicone
Color: Red/Coffee/Orange/Blue
Capacity: 180ML
Weight: 0.3kg

1. Food grade PP, silica gel and soda glass, which can be used freely at a high temperature of 250 degrees, safe and reliable. Complimentary stainless steel barbecue clip.
2. The oil brush only needs to add oil to the extrusion bottle. Gently squeeze, and the oil will flow out of the oil brush, which is very convenient.
3. The cooking brush can not only put oil, but also easily accommodate any ketchup, soy sauce, jam, oil, butter, honey, barbecue sauce, etc., to meet a variety of cooking needs.and it is easy to clean.
4. It can be used to bake cakes, brush jam, and brush honey water in the barbecue plate at home; It can also be used for outdoor barbecue, steak painting, fried eggs, etc.

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Another bored consumer
No matter what you say I need it

After a quick trip through the dishwasher, I loaded it up with vegetable oil and it worked surprisingly well and exceeded my expectations. I made a quick scrambled egg dish with salt and pepper and the brush really cut down on the oil used compared to pouring it. With the brush, I could quickly add just the right amount of oil and the excess dripped back into its reservoir.

For future buyers, I recommend storing it to prevent dust, hair, etc. from settling on the partially exposed brush. However, it would be helpful to have a cap to cover the brush.

The silicone is well made and the parts are removable and can be easily cleaned. Very happy with this product.

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