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Plastic Fridge Food Storage Box, Fruit Vegetables Fresh Organizer Container

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Material: PP
Weight: 180g
Size: 17.5*17.5*7.5 cm

1.Detachable food container is convenient for carrying snacks. Keep the refrigerator, freezer, pantry or table clean and orderly. Save space and make the messy refrigerator cleaner.
2.Food storage box is versatile and can hold various food materials, such as onions, ginger, garlic, fruits and vegetables, meat, dried fruit snacks, baby food and so on.
3.The sorting storage box will not cross-infect. They can take it at will. Good sealing effect, no peculiar smell, and food preservation.
4.Food grade material, can be refrigerated or frozen. In addition, food storage containers are also very suitable for holding water, juice, soup and other liquids.
5.The 4 small boxes can be used as lunch and salad containers, detachable to allow you to store ingredients separately, and can also be used as containers for work and picnics.

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