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Food Storage Transparent Container Built-in Partitions Large-capacity Crisper

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Material: Food grade PET
Color: yellow

1.[High quality]:This indestructible container is made of 100% food-grade plastic, which is amazing. As long as the vent is closed, you can be sure that it will not overflow even if you turn it upside down. More importantly, its sturdy structure can prevent a lot of use and fall, keeping your food in good condition.
2.[Timing function]:Innovative timing design, the storage time of ingredients is set on the lid, allowing you to know the expiration date of each box of ingredients.
3.[Stackable]:The food preservation box has an embedded design, which can be stacked in multiple layers, which saves more space. The bottom silicone strip can increase the friction and make it quieter.
4.[Built-in partition]:When you just clean the ingredients, you don't have to worry about the ingredients being exposed to water. Each fresh-keeping box has a built-in water barrier to prevent the fresh ingredients from being soaked and rotten.
5.Packing List:1pcs fresh food container

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