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Finger Chopsticks for Gamers Snack Clips, Reusable Food Tweezers, Video Game Party Supplies, Creative Gamer Accessories, Gifts for Gamers

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Material: plastic
Weight: 10g

1.Extremely lightweight, excellent ergonomic design,flexible finger slots adapt to different finger sizes and shapes.It can be fixed on the finger for a long time without affecting the operation of the finger.
2.It is made of food grade ABS plastic. BPA Free, Phthalates Free, FDA Compliant
3.clamp that can replace your fingers to take can put it between index finger and middle finger the chopsticks above the fingers,quickly pick up any snack you want, such as potato chips,while Keep your hands and devices clean
4. finger snacking tool are practical accessories to keep your hands ​clean,Adults and children can easily use it.can be widely applied ​for working, studying, playing games, playing cell phones,family and friends gatherings,parties, reading or any time you do not want to get your hands dirty.
5. finger clip is reusable,When you get the product,please rinse the clip with clean water and you can use it directly. After eating snacks, please clean them as ordinary tableware.Shinyeagle

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