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Electronic Toothbrush Holder Adhesive Wall Mounted Auto Lock & Release Holder

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Material: plastic
Weight: 50g
Size: 23*6*9cm

1.Unique design of this toothbrush holder is when the electric toothbrush is put in, The weight of the electric toothbrush will push the side clamps on both sides to slide to close, thereby firmly holding the toothbrush.
2.Hollow design in the bottom of the mounted toothbrush holder keeps the toothbrush holder dry all the day.
3.Made of high-quality friendly polymer materials, it is odorless, harmless, has good performance in humid conditions, is safe and hygienic.
4.Please make sure the wall surface is clean and dry before installation, Tear off the paper from the back, Finally stick it on, wall-mounted and well fixed.
5.Suitable for Smooth tile, Wooden wall, Smooth marble, Smooth glass, Frosted glass, Smooth metal. Not suitable for the surface with wallpaper, painted wall, and other rough surfaces.

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