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Electric Climbing Santa Claus Toys Parachute Rollover Christmas Gifts

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Material: Plastic+ Plush fabrics

Colour: Red

Type: Climbing Beads /Electric Climbing Ladder/Electric climbing ladder (five-pointed star)/Electric music playing drum /Parachute tumbling/ Electric climbing ladder (double climbing ladder)/Butt shaking+OK hand /Butt shaking+gift pack


Size: 11.5*10*22cm


1. Lovely and diverse style. It can be climbing beads, or climbing ladders, parachutes, or drumming and twisting buttocks. These lovely, each with its own style can meet your different needs and give you a different kind of joy.

2. Bright idea: electric climbing, parachute, drumming, butt wiggling, etc. The bright red color makes Santa Claus one of the most attractive decorations for Christmas, bringing a little joy to your whole family.

3. reliable use. This electric Santa Claus is mainly made of high quality plastic. It has been carefully sewn to look good and safe. And and easy to install, it is powered by 3 or 2 AA batteries, this product does not include batteries, you need to bring your own.

4. Applicable occasions: These Santa plush dolls are suitable for decorating Christmas trees, homes, front doors, table tops, fireplaces, gardens, hanging on Christmas trees or indoor home decorations for a variety of uses during the Christmas season.

5. Make a very nice gift. This product can be given as a sweet gift to your children, partners and family members to bring them fun and happiness; it is very large in size and can be hung on the Christmas tree or used for indoor and outdoor decorations for parties. Climbing bead chain length 100 cm, 25*12 cm for the elderly / ladder length 50 cm, 19*9 cm for the elderly
Note: This product does not include batteries, you need your own AA batteries!!!

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