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Disinfection & Sterilizer Knife and Cutlery Holder UV Irradiation Hot Air Drying

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Material: PET+PP
Weight: 1000g
Size: 14.5*24*25cm

1. Use LED-UV light to sterilize and evenly destroy all kinds of bacteria. The operation is simple, press the switch to start the disinfection, and automatically stop running after 5 minutes.
2. Wavy line divider, suitable for 99% tools. Large-capacity cutlery rack, which can accommodate knives, forks, chopsticks, etc., to meet the needs of kitchen storage.
3. There is a fan inside to dry the water stains on the surface of the kitchen utensils to prevent the growth of mold and keep it dry and clean. There is a drip tray at the bottom, so the water will not flow everywhere. There are scheduling vents on the back to evaporate water vapor.
4. The tool holder is detachable, easy to take out and clean.
5.USB charging, unlimited use of venues. The bottom anti-slip feet will not hurt the table when moving.

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