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Dishwashing Sponge Dual-Sided Kitchen Cleaning Sponges Non-Scratch Dish Washing Household Cleaning Sponges

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Material: wood pulp sponge
Weight: 7g

1.Dish sponge is made of eco-friendly natural high-quality wood pulp material, which is reusable and long Lasting; Rinse with water after every use, they will dry quickly and don't get smelly
2.Sponges for dishes are made to last, they maintain the shape well and do not fall apart or crack easily like regular sponges, and last a long time even when scrubbing tough burned food
3.Featuring strong water absorbent ability, perfect for cleaning dishes, it wipes dirt and food particles easily without leaving scratches or streaks
4.Perfect for cleaning more than dishes, pots, pans, but also ideal for sinks, stoves, bathroom and any household cleaning kit effectively, keep your kitchen and bathroom sparkling clean
5.Having a cartoon shaped sponge wipe makes you feel good even when you face the boring dishwashing chore; The cute and interesting sponges with high cleaning ability make the kitchen full of fun!

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