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Diaper Pad Baby Waterproof Washable Cotton Gauze Diaper Sheet Newborn Diaper Pad

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Material:Crystal Velvet




1. Makes changing baby super easy: the non-slip handles on our portable baby nappy changing pads hold them securely in place while you change baby's nappy or clothes.

2. Waterproof and spacious: our large waterproof nappy changing mat has plenty of room for your little sweetheart. No more need for towels for baby's head or feet.

3. Keeps baby's skin in check: our large nappy changing pads are made from high quality soft and chemical-free microfibre fabric. No more worrying about skin irritation, itching or rashes.

4. Versatile and multi-purpose pads: Need a drying pad for your baby's bottle or after bath? Looking for a cover for your arts and crafts table? Our portable baby changing pads can help!

5. Colourful patterns - Our baby changing pads come in lovely prints and are colourful. For munchkin's who love rainbows, stars and unicorns, this is sure to be a hit!

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