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Christmas Blocks New Products Creative LEGO Educational Toys

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Material: ABS

Type:Crystal Christmas Tree / Christmas Spin House / Christmas Bouquet / Christmas Party Gift Box




1. Play-based learning. This product inspires preschoolers to enjoy hands-on and imaginative play long before and after Christmas. This toy allows children to build and express their creative passions at the same time.

2. Christmas toys. This festive decoration includes a variety of Christmas elements for children to indulge their creative passions and enjoy relaxing and having fun.

3. Details - This LEGO Santa is full of details, with scenes to build, lights and music, and elements such as these to engage children as well as adults and enhance concentration.

4. Christmas Gift - If you are looking for a gift for your child for a birthday, holiday or any day, look no further than this product. This one is all about fun and creative gifts for crafty children aged 6 and up - this children's birthday gift of 675 pieces gives children unlimited imagination and is a fun choice for little makers.

5. Sizes - This LEGO product is available in four types - Crystal Christmas Tree / Christmas Spin House / Christmas Bouquet / Christmas Party Gift Box to suit your needs.

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