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Children's Toddler Strap Pull-up Infant Toddler Walking Anti-drop Anti-strangulation Safety Breathable

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Material: Cotton

Color:Red / Yellow / Sky blue /Pink /Navy

Type:Toddler belt/Toddler belt+knee and elbow pads 2 pairs

Weight:1000 g

Size:78*12*52~62 cm


1. Safe material. We use high quality cotton material, durable and strong, comfortable, breathable and anti-friction, enough to withstand daily twisting and pulling without breaking easily, load-bearing up to 30kg, size 78*12*52-62cm.

2. Prevent your child from falling and getting hurt. Keeping your child close to you while giving them independence during outdoor activities not only gives your child the freedom to explore the world, but also frees your shoulders and arms and reduces your fear and anxiety.

3. Easy to use. It is easy to use, simply unfasten the velcro and position your child before closing it, with adjustable shoulder width. Ideal for children aged 6 months to 24 months, it adjusts to your child's needs and greatly relieves pressure on the shoulders. Prevents strangulation under the child's armpits, making it easy and comfortable for your baby.

4. Washing instructions. (1) Hand wash is recommended, please do not use the dryer, washing machine etc to avoid damaging the carabiner; (2) Please do not use bleach; (3) Please wash in warm water below 30 degrees and tidy up the product shape to dry after washing; (4) Please do not wash with other clothes.

5. Special Note: (1) Before use, please check the fastening and stitching for damage, if there is any damage, please stop using. (2) Before use, please check if the Velcro adjustment elastic is well glued and the buckle is tight to ensure safety in use.

6.All orders are shipped from our warehouse within 2 business days of the order being placed. With standard shipping, shipments will arrive within 10-15 to the US and 7-12 business days to the EU.We apologize if the shipment requires customs clearance inspection or if there are delays in shipping due to courier services.


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