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Car Safety Hammer, Window Glass Breaker And Seat Belt Cutter Emergency Escape Tool(CAR84)

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Material:Aluminum alloy

1.2 in 1 safety tool: This life saving multifunctional safety hammer + seat belt cutter is durable and reliable, allowing you to quickly exit the vehicle in an emergency.
2. Applicable crowd: This rescue tool has a built-in high pressure spring. In the event of an emergency, the windows can be easily broken with a single tap, and it can also be used to cut stuck seat belts if necessary. Whether it is the elderly, women or children, it is easy to get started.
3.Easy to carry: The product is only 3.5 inches, you can use Velcro to install it on the center console of the vehicle.
4. Powerful: Use this glass breaker to pop out the corner of the side window and instantly break the tempered glass, safe and not hurt your hands
5.Additional: Hammer provides fast 1 second window breaking even under water. The sturdy tungsten carbide tip has a hardness of 55 for easy cutting of metal or glass. The powerful spring mechanism provides 6kg of force to instantly break any window of the car with minimal effort, even under water pressure.

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