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Car Luminous Car Marker Cover Colorful Flashing Tire Outline Light Wheel Valve Warning Light Solar Running Light

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Material: ABS+Electronics

Type:Solar Operated Valve Model /Solar Inset Model 


Size: 30cm * 25cm * 3cm


1. Durable. It can be brighter in the dark and illuminate the road ahead, thus reducing accidents Multi-coloured lights make your out more romantic, resistant to light decay and longer life. High strength PC material, corrosion resistant, ageing resistant, waterproof and durable.

2. Solar charging, wiring-free, maintenance-free for life; can be charged automatically and quickly in the sun, no need to replace the battery, efficient and environmentally friendly.

3. Light-sensitive vibration control system. The light is dark, the speed exceeds 25KM/h and flashes on its own, and automatically turns off after 2 seconds below that speed;, these wheel lights are usually used for cool decoration of cars, SUVs and trucks.

4. Silicone wrapping, excellent aging resistance and waterproof performance; real waterproof design. No battery needed, automatically turns on, brilliant colour! 1 for one wheel 2 for motorbike 4 for car.Easy to install, only need to screw in the tyre nozzle position; if you do not understand you can see the picture.

5. How to use: button switch models to turn on and off the power and change the light mode only need to operate the button on the top of the light can be two models after the first time to open, the next use are not required again any operation of the light, the power is sufficient conditions, the night driving lights will automatically light up!

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