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Car Headrest Lumbar Pillow Neck Pillow Car Headrest Car Interior

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Material: Polyester + Slow rebound memory foam
Weight: 520g(Throw weight2.12KG)
Size: 42 * 31 * 13cm


1. Quality materials: high-quality memory foam pillow, enjoy the lumbar and neck support needed for long hours of sitting.
2. Relieve fatigue: long hours of driving can easily lead to fatigue and pain, rebound memory foam made of cushion car backrest can absorb and reduce body pressure, bringing comfort to your body and promoting a healthy driving posture.
Easy to use: two adjustable straps built into the car cushion, used to tightly maintain the car seat backrest support to.
3. Breathable and skin-friendly: car headrest fabric cover made of updated style polyester fabric, soft, skin-friendly, suitable for all seasons; pillowcase removable and machine washable, non-washable foam core durable.
4. Easy to carry: You can adjust the angle of the car seat backrest according to your height and comfortable sitting posture to achieve the best use and best feeling.
5. Easy to install: easy and quick to install, the core of the neck pillow is memory foam. After opening the bag, tap, squeeze and knead the car neck pillow can shorten the time to restore the body shape.

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