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Baby Washing Butt Sitting Basin Suitable for Boys and Girls from 0-12 Months Silicone Suction Cup No Need to Undress

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Material: PP+Silicone

Color: Green/Grey

Weight: 900 g

Size: 50*17*32 cm


1. Safe materials and thoughtful design . Ergonomic non-slip leg support for any flat surface; with absorbable foot pads that can be firmly fixed. PP + silicone use, comfortable and easy to clean.

2. The child is not easy to cry. Let the child sit and lie down, no need to undress to wash the buttocks, both easy and comfortable, but also to protect the mother's waist.

3. Can hang storage, effective space-saving, the back of the silicone part can be removed, easy to clean.

4. Sturdy and durable . Seat can be adjusted in 4 levels to accommodate children of different heights and for different purposes, see the illustration.

5. Color: green + white / gray + white, package size: 50 * 32 * 17 cm / 19.6 * 12.6 * 6.7 inches, weight: 0.9 kg/ 1.98 lbs

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