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Baby Sleeping Bag Thermoregulation Quilt Autumn/Winter Baby/Newborn Quilt Anti-Scaring Anti-Kicking Quilt

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Material:Cotton + Polyester



Weight: 550 g 


1. Material. Soft natural cotton + poly-brazil for comfort and great durability, providing the best sleeping temperature all year round.

2. Optimum temperature - light weight and breathable for all year round use. A single layer for spring and autumn days, or multiple layers for winter. This design is ideal for use in both warm and cold climates.

3. Features - Safe and comfortable for swaddling babies. The design of this product makes it easy to change nappies. At the same time the evenly distributed weight of the sleeping bag mimics a calm cuddle and prevents babies from jumping suddenly during sleep. With the right choice, you shouldn't need any extra blankets, which is the best way to keep your child sleeping safely. With our sleepers, your baby will have sweet dreams!

4. A lovely sleeping bag. If you are looking for the perfect 0-3 month newborn sleeping bag or 3-15 month baby sleeping bag to keep your little one warm and cosy, this product is a must have We offer cute colours and patterns that go beyond the typical blue and pink swaddling blankets, making it perfect for families with boys and girls.

5. Choose your baby size: You can purchase this baby sack for newborns 0-9 months (0.35kg) and baby sacks 5-15 months (0.55kg). You can also view our toddler sizes to find out and choose the right sleeping bag.

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