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Baby Bottle Spoon With Standing Base Silicone Soft Spoon

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Size:22 *7* 7cm


1. Safe material: The baby spoon feeder is made of high quality PP and silicone, which is safe, BPA free, and won't hurt your baby's delicate mouth

2.Package includes: Baby Silicone Bottle, Size: 21 x 6 cm/8.3x 2.4 inches

3. To use and clean: Just fill the silicone bottle with puree and press gently until the desired amount is collected on the spoon to feed the baby; after use, disassemble the bottle and put it in the water

4. Strong sealing: the feeder comes with a sealing cover to prevent food leakage and is convenient for outdoor use; it also has a dust cover to isolate dust

5. Suction cup: There is a suction cup at the bottom of the bottle; the bottle can be fixed on the table and is not easy to pour and leak

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Borut Dermastja
Worth getting

Buy to the newborn baby with a very soft spoon, later used to feed complementary food is also very convenient, do not need a bowl a spoon, convenient to save trouble .

Viridiana Rico
Lengkap dengan aksesori.

Mudah diumpankan, laju aliran dapat dikontrol, cukup bagus

Miguel Ángel García López
Recommended purchase

I've been using it for a while, my baby is now two months old and occasionally uses it to drink water, the spoon is quite soft and does not leak, the quality is quite good.

Kristina Hammond

The rice paste bottle received, the quality is particularly good, a price is a good thing, I really did not choose the wrong! The baby was given in advance, waiting for him to be born with.

Tracy Bartelloni
It should work well

Very awesome item, others recommended it to me, haven't used it yet, give a good review!

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