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Baby Dining Belt Portable Child Seat Baby BB Dining Chair / Safety Belt

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Material: Polyester


Weight: 100 g

Size: 40*50cm


1. Portable baby chair carrier. You can take this baby carrier anywhere. This item is perfect for taking a baby/toddler to a restaurant or to a friend or family member's house, this turns the chair into a baby seat. It makes it easy to take your baby with you and makes feeding time effortless.

2. Provides extra security. It only takes a few seconds to secure your little one in place with two straps. Place a soft, comfortable cotton pad on your child's tummy to prevent your baby's tummy from getting caught in the carrier.

3. The baby harness is versatile and is suitable for high chairs, dining chairs and supermarket shopping carts. The baby feeding chair harness can easily be placed on top of a suitable sized recliner for ages 0-4 years and has a maximum weight capacity of 20kg.

4. It is easy to fix. After attaching the baby chair safety strap to the top of the chair, pull the strap to the back of the chair and connect the two ends. Provides extra security for your baby. 

5. It is machine washable. Our travel harness is wrapped in a small pouch that you can carry in your handbag or purse so that you can take it with you when you are out and about with your baby.

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