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7-in-1 Keyboard Cleaner Kit, Laptop Cleaner, Computer Headphones Cleaning Kit, Tablet and Screen Dusting Brush, Includes Soft Sweep, Swipe, 3-in-1 Airpod Cleaning Pen, Key Puller and Spray Bottle

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Material:ABS+silicone+sponge+fiber flannel




1. Headphone Laptop Cleaner Kit: This 7" Cleaning Kit includes 1 Large High Density Brush, 1 Brush, 1 Headphone Cleaning Pen, 1 Key Puller, 1 Spray Bottle. Anything you need for cleaning electronics at home.

2. Bluetooth Headphone/Phone Cleaning: Foldable cleaning pen with silicone tip, small high density brush and flocked sponge, perfect for cleaning Airpod Pro 1, 2 and other earbuds, earbud charging cases and phones. Silicone tip for cleaning crevice stains. The small, high-density brush is great for deep cleaning mesh surface dust, and the flocked sponge is for cleaning the charging case holes.

3. Laptop/Computer/Tablet/Keyboard Cleaning: Swipe a large, high-density soft brush to clean dust from computers, laptops, tablets and keyboards. And you can also use the key puller to pull up the keys of the mechanical keyboard for deep cleaning.

4. Monitor/Screen/Camera/Watch/TV Cleaning: Equipped with a 5ml spray empty bottle, you put cleaning fluid or water in the bottle, then use a fibrous brush to clean various screens. Such as monitors, televisions, monitors, watches, cameras, etc.

5. Small size and light weight: 7 computer cleaning tools are neatly placed in a rectangular box. It's small enough to travel and you can take it with you.

6. Longer life: All laptop/computer cleaning kits are made of high quality materials. Both the cleaning tool box and the earphone cleaning pen are made of high-grade ABS material, with a fine and shiny surface and a longer service life. There is a high-density fiber fleece on one side of the cleaning tool box, which is delicate and soft and does not damage the screen. Large high-density soft brush, fine and moderate hardness, dust is easier to clean!

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Customer Reviews

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good i guess

Jan Sehnal
Cleaned up very clean.

So many things only these few dollars, really good value, and for the love of cleanliness, simply perfect, but unfortunately forget to take pictures before cleaning up.

Jessy Roberts
Highly recommended, good value for money.

The first look on the good, very full-featured, easy to carry, the design is also relatively clever, the fluffy brush is really soft and fine, a small completely meet the needs of the cleaning equipment, but also than a separate brush to the convenience of storage, the appearance of the value is very good.

Jonathan Bentley

The cleaning brush works well, the right size and feels good in your hand.

Laila Carver
easy to use

It is very easy to use and can be carried around with you. When the phone is dirty, you just need to spray it gently and wipe it with the cleaning rod.

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