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6Pcs Sheet Holder Quilt Buckle

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Material: PP
Weight: 100g
Color: Pink, Green, White

1. Needle-free fixation and no damage to the quilt: the duvet without needles and the novel buckle design are inserted, which is safer than the traditional magnetic quilt clip and will not damage the quilt cover and quilt.
2. Prevent the quilt from running: prevent the quilt and quilt from being restrained and moved, and fix the quilt or quilt, so that you will never feel discomfort due to sleep, because your quilt will not be messy. The clip is suitable for quilt mattresses within 10KG.
3. One-key unlocking: No need to release the device, it is more convenient to use.
4. Scope of application: The fixing device is suitable for the anti-running quilt cover, bed sheet and mattress anti-running, socks storage and arrangement, curtain storage, and food sealing and moisture-proof regulations.
5. Lovely shape: light and beautiful, easy to install, no need to fix the needle, no damage to the fabric, durable.

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