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Ice Cubes Tray Mold, Press for One Second and All the Ice Will Fall Off

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Material: PP
Weight: 500g
Size: 12.5*13.5*26cm

1. Soft rubber material at the bottom is matched with the pressing nail board. Press it on the cover for 1 second to remove the ice easily. The 8mm waterproof platform makes it difficult for the upper and lower ice cubes to bond, and each one is clear.
2. Multiple layers can be stacked, ice making + ice storage, saving the space of the refrigerator and increasing the capacity of ice storage. The ice grid can accommodate 32 ice cubes.
3. Each ice tray package is equipped with everything necessary for ice making in the refrigerator, including a cover plate, a pressing plate, a soft rubber bottom ice lattice, an ice shovel and an ice storage container.
4. Approved materials: our ice molds are made of high-quality food grade materials. Odorless and non-toxic. Safe and durable.
5. Suitable for whisky, cocktail, coffee, injected fruit. You can put fruit, jelly, baby food, coffee, pureed vegetables, yogurt and chocolate into the mold.

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