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3 in1 Portable Fan with Flexible Tripod Stand Multifunctional Night Light Phone Holder Mini Handheld Stroller Fan

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Size:10*16* 19cm

1. Three-in-one: fan, mobile phone holder and ambient light three-in-one, with lights more cool, long-press the switch to turn on the warm light.
2. Octopus fan: The design of this stroller fan is inspired by the imagination of the octopus, and then adopts the design of bladeless movement and flexible tripod to make the outer octopus fan more realistic and special. There are many uses in various scenarios, whether for you or your baby.
3. Bladeless safety: The portable bladeless fan uses 52 turbines with bladeless movement, which can quickly cut off the airflow, increase the wind power by 50%, reduce the noise by 35%, and will not twist your baby's hair or fingers. You can safely use it as your baby's toy fan.
4. Flexible tripod: The stroller fan is equipped with a threaded silicone tripod, which can change the shape according to your needs, and it is also non-slip. Can be used as a phone stand fan, stroller fan, desk fan, car fan and handheld fan.
5. Battery and wind speed: The stroller fan has a built-in 4000 mAh polymer lithium battery, USB charging, long battery life of 6-15 hours, 4 settings, 1 natural wind, 2 cold wind, 3 strong wind, 4 sleep wind, you can simply replace as needed.

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