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2 Pieces Car Trunk Spring, Metal Universal Trunk Spring Lifter Automatic Lifter Trunk Lift Spring Adjustable Lift Universal Retrofit(CAR90)

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Material:hard steel wire

1. The trunk lid spring of the car is made of high-quality high-carbon alloy steel metal, which is durable and corrosion-resistant, and the trunk spring tool has a longer service life. Not easily deformed
2. The unique spring design of the trunk lid of the car, full screw adjustment, anti-break conical limit, reinforced spring hanging ring, adjustable force design, adjust the force through the length of the screw, so that the opening is just right
3. The car trunk lid spring is easy to install. Adjust the screw on the spring according to the size of the trunk of different models, which is convenient for the installation of the fixed spring, adjust the strength, and achieve the best opening and closing state.
4. The trunk cover of the car is easy to use after installation, just press the button to open the trunk, the trunk will open automatically, and it is also easy to open when you are holding something
5. The car trunk lid spring is only suitable for sedans without hydraulic lever in the trunk lid. It does not work on hatchbacks/vans/SUVs with hydraulic levers in the trunk lid.

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