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2 Packs Of High Adhesive Strength Mesh Double-sided Tape Strong AdhesiveTape, Double-sided Installation Tape For Carpet Sealing

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Material:Gauze + hot melt adhesive

Weight: 250g

Size:1*10.3*10.3CM /2*10.3*10.3CM /3*10.3*10.3CM/ 4*10.3*10.3CM /5*10.3*10.3CM 1*12.1*12.1CM/ 2*12.1*12.1CM/ 3*12.1*12.1CM/ 4*12.1*12.1CM/ 5*12.1*12.1CM



1. Drinking while playing: Mini water dispensers are just like real water dispensers, but they have a size designed for children, so they can be easily operated by children themselves.

2. As a gift: Mini water dispenser has a cute animal shape design, it will be easier to attract the children's attention and make them more interested in drinking water.

3. Suitable for children: The mini water dispenser is detachable, which means that children can discover how to flow water from this mini water dispenser by themselves. It can improve children's self-care, imagination and creativity stimulation.

4. Gift: When you buy a mini water dispenser, we will include 10-12 matching paper cups

5. Dollhouse furniture and accessories: The unique cute animal design makes it a lovely room decoration, and it also makes a great little dollhouse kitchen toy set.

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