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100pcs Air Fryer Disposable Parchment Paper Liners Non-stick Baking Paper

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Material: parchment paper
Weight: 150g

1.Parchement paper are made of pure wood pulp and totally fluorescent free.Unbleached, Non-toxic, Non-stick ensure food safety and taste and keep food complete appearance such as bread, chicken, snacks.
2.Air fryer liners are resistant to high temperature,oil and heat,and can be safely heated to 425°F (230°C),leaving the parchment lining intact during the cooking process. WARNING! - Make sure to place food or something on top of the liners to avoid having them fly away or get burned by the heating element.
3.Parchment paper are specially designed for air fryer. Sufficient and appropriate ventilation holes help speed up the steam circulation in the air fryer or steamer.
4.Pre-cut square air fryer liners can save a lot of time. Easy to clean. Double silicone coating side keep food out of direct contact with the fryer and cause stains.
5.Do not add paper liners in pre-heating mode.Keep the paper under when adding food, Be sure not to let the paper contact the heating tube, the temperature of the heating tube is much higher than the heat resisting temperature of the paper.

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